A Girl’s Guide to Gifting Her Sports-Obsessed Boyfriend

You have wracked your cerebrum for a birthday present for your games fixated beau. You have gone through the customary records: wallet (he has one), vehicle (not on your spending plan), gas (commonsense, but rather not exceptionally fun), tie (exhausting), until you consider something he has yearned discussed: NFL Sunday Ticket. You counsel his companions and they collectively advise you (and essentially yell) that in the event that you get him a move up to his present DIRECTV membership, you will be the coolest sweetheart ever. Regardless of whether you make the update a birthday/Christmas/Valentine’s Day/commemoration present across the board, he’ll go crazy for it.

The solitary issue is, you don’t actually have the foggiest idea what it is, or what it involves. You had never heard the expression “Alliance Pass Cable Package” before today. Dread not. Before you can say Touchdown, we’ll raise you to an acceptable level.

Frist, you are going to bring a ton of football into your life. A great deal. Yet, this isn’t all awful. You have been an enthusiast of the game since the time you were acquainted with “Difficult times” (the Dallas Cowboys variant) the previous fall, and you wouldn’t see any problems with becoming more acquainted with it somewhat better. All things considered, here’s your possibility. Rather than your man approaching only one game each Sunday on nearby TV, he is going to approach each game, even “out of market” games. In other words, did your kid experience childhood around there however now live away from it? Don’t sweat it. Has he grumbled in the past about going to a nearby bar to watch the game he truly needs to see? การแทงบอล No more. Regardless of whether it’s the Redskins he adores or the Seattle Seahawks, he will approach the NFC East, NFC West, and everything in the middle, all from the solace of his home. He can welcome his companions over to watch games on his HD screen (which he may purchase only for this reason) and they will make statements like, “Yet I thought you just had the fundamental satellite TV bundle?” He’ll react priggishly, “I did, until my better half got me the update.” BAM, moment notoriety.

He will likewise get something many refer to as “red zone” channel, which he can watch and you will not hear its finish. Essentially it bounces from one game to another as groups are in the “red zone”, which implies inside 20 yards of the other group’s endzone. This auto-bounce is with the goal that you can generally watch the game when a group is going to score. It resembles a live feature channel and it’ll take his breath away.

In any case, while it’s extraordinary to allow him 24-hour admittance to the NFL Network and superior quality ESPN, you might be thinking, “how might this benefit me?” A couple of things. Paying to get a move up to your man’s membership isn’t simply going to profit him. With a superior bundle, you also will approach film channels like HBO and Starz. You watch a football match-up; he watches a Jennifer Anniston film. Completely fair. And keeping in mind that he isn’t watching football, you can watch the Style Network! Effectively a score for all included.

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