Florida Win Averts BCS Nightmare

The central issue everybody is asking is – what befallen Ohio State? Everybody is discussing how the Gators destroyed the Buckeyes to win the 2006 BCS College Football Championship. The Gators appeared as though they were in an unexpected group in comparison to the Buckeyes. Furthermore, in all actuality, they are.

The 41-14 last score causes the game to appear to be nearer than it was. A big part of the Buckeyes 14 focuses came from their initial commencement return. After that play, the Buckeyes were totally ruled in each period of the game. Florida had 370 complete yards to Ohio State’s 82. The Buckeyes’ Heisman Trophy quarterback Troy Smith was held to just 4 pass fruitions (2 in every half); 35 passing yards; 1 capture; 0 scores. The BCS Championship game was the most noticeably awful game in Troy Smith’s profession.

It is anything but a happenstance that the National Championship game was likewise the first run through Troy Smith had ever experienced a similar field with the speed and force of a Southeastern Conference (SEC) football crew. I bet a ton of Buckeye players praised the day after the game. Praised the reality they probably won’t ever again play on a similar field with a group from the SEC.

There is a well-known axiom that “careful discipline brings about promising results.” Playing in the SEC, Florida gets heaps of training. In 2006, the Gators had the hardest timetable in the country (.643 adversaries winning rate). Florida beat four Top-25 groups (LSU, Arkansas, Georgia and Tennessee) and lost to a fifth- – #9 Auburn. Furthermore, they beat four other bowl groups (Alabama, South Carolina, Kentucky and Florida State). Thus, before the previous evening’s down, the Gators had effectively played against NINE other bowl groups.

Ohio State? Indeed, the Buckeyes play in the Big Ten and in this manner just confronted three Top-25 groups the entire year. They arrived at the midpoint of more than 36 focuses and 410 yards a game against for the most part powerless rivals. Ohio State essentially was caught off guard for the ability and power of a group like Florida. Gators cautious end Jarvis Moss said after the game that four or five SEC groups could beat Ohio State. I wouldn’t go that far, yet the facts demonstrate that each of the nine SEC groups Florida confronted (counting Vanderbilt) played the Gators harder than Ohio State.

You need more confirmation the SEC is in its very own class? O.K. Since the coming of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) framework, the SEC leads all meetings (by a wide edge) with a 10-4 BCS bowl game record. เว็บพนันพันทิป SEC groups are an undefeated 3-0 in BCS National Championship games. In this past school football season, the SEC:

  1. Driven the country with six groups in the last AP Top-25 survey. No other meeting had more than four.
  2. In the customary season, the SEC had an amazing 41-7 non-gathering record. This .854 non-meeting winning rate was the awesome the country.
  3. Had the most groups chosen for bowls (9) and the most bowl wins (6). No other meeting had multiple successes. Just the SEC (and Big East) had winning bowl records. Indeed, even the three SEC bowl misfortunes were close games that might have gone in any case. Altogether, SEC bowl groups face higher cultivated groups from different meetings. For example, the Chick-fil-A Bowl has concurrences with the SEC and ACC to choose the # 5 SEC group to confront the # 2 ACC group. The Music City Bowl sets # 7 from the SEC against # 5 from the ACC. However, the SEC actually overwhelms the dishes quite a long time after year.

The most stunning thing about the National Championship game was not what occurred on the field. The most astounding (and alarming) thing is that Florida nearly wasn’t picked to play in the game. In the tightest of choices, the BCS scarcely chose Florida over Michigan to play Ohio State for the National Championship.

Everybody recalls the clamor from our Michigan (and other Big Ten) companions when Florida was picked ridiculous. Obviously we additionally now realize that Michigan proceeded to lose conclusively to USC in the Rose Bowl.

By and large, it is clear, so anyone might see for themselves, that Ohio State versus Michigan in the National Championship game would have been a public shame. Shockingly, actually a comparative misfortune has occurred previously and will happen again later on.

Why? Straightforward. SEC Football is difficult to such an extent that it is basically outlandish for a SEC group to traverse the customary season without at any rate one misfortune and without almost losing a couple of different games. The SEC Champion perpetually rises up out of the cauldron of a SEC timetable as a genuine hero, yet wounded and battered. At the point when the surveyors and PCs consolidate to choose which two groups will play in the BCS National Championship, a lesser group may show up more amazing than the SEC Champ because of a more fragile timetable.

Numerous savants thought little of Florida this year since they battled to dominate a few SEC matches. Another model is 2004 when Auburn went 12-0 in the customary season (13-0 after their bowl triumph), yet neglected to fit the bill for the BCS Championship game (Oklahoma was picked over Auburn on the grounds that a portion of Auburn’s successes were not seen as noteworthy enough).

America was fortunate the previous evening that the correct group wound up in the BCS Championship Game. However, the BCS framework basically ensures future shamefulness. A school football season finisher framework is the best way to really fix the issue.

Indeed, by all account not the only way. Another alternative is have the SEC Champion consequently fit the bill for the National Championship game. While not the best arrangement, it would be more reasonable than the current framework.

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